Chrono Cross part 3


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Part 18 features an easy boss fight and an emulator crash! HARRR-le har-le har-le har-le har-le har-le har-le…

Part 19: Rob Borg bars our quest for MOOORE PARTY MEMBERS! And scorpiods: Their heads are on their things!

Part 20: Who will win: the pirate captain or the Mexican wrestler? Also, the National Geographic special on Ghost Ships!

Part 21: We’re on this ghost ship for a while, so enjoy many shots of a dancing voodoo doll’s backside.

Part 22: And the cold wind blew…..

Part 23: A skeleton clown cries on his grandmother. And that’s not even the weirdest thing that happens in this part.

Part 24: Characters that aren’t complete abominations of nature! Eventually! Also, some dimension-hopping, finally!


Part 26: Tanks a lot, dwarves! Also, Kid’s tragic backstory.

Doodle Video:

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