Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 91-100


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Week 91: Guys, I think the Krazy Kat is turning into an actual crazy cat…

Also, the webcam gets frozen early on in this video. Don’t worry; we notice and fix it, uh, next week.

Week 92: The Player sneaks into heaven and kills the Krazy Kat’s god, causing a cacophonous apocalypse for everyone else!

Week 93: You’ll never get to heaven if you don’t know how! And the Krazy Kat learns to never bet against the house in Vegas.

Week 94: Everybody hates the Player. Except the Krazy Kat, who hates everyone (except her evil boyfriends). And is puppetry considered animation?

Week 95: Doodler rage….rising….!

Week 96: As the Mystic finds herself fighting the Doodler’s comic strip characters, the Krazy Kat comes face to face with her own religious beliefs and dark sins…

Week 97: More of the Krazy Kat’s abusive relationships. Snnnnoke! And the “greatest” cliffhanger of all!

Week 98: No matter who ends up winning the game, the Mystic has already won in her heart. Beep boop, my lady.

Week 99: The Player is still stuck in purgatory, the Doodler is being persecuted by the Robo Mystic, and the Krazy Kat hatches a seeeecret plan…

Week 100: We enter triple digits in the week count! To celebrate, the Player goes gambling, the Mystic carries around a dead Danish bird, the Krazy Kat pursues her secret plan, and the Doodler experiences an entire Entmoot!

Doodle video:

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