Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 101-106


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Week 101: Not gonna lie, this week is full of karmic retribution.

Week 102: “Ha ha I Won” wins! Well, in a way. However, in a more accurate way, the race is still on between her, the Player, the Krazy Kat, and CORNBUSTER***(music note)!

Week 103, featuring the funkiest Russian clown there ever was!

Week 104: The Player is the hero Dokapon Kingdom needs, not the hero Dokapon Kingdom deserves. And everybody takes a vacation…in SOUTH AMERICA!

Chuck-A-Rama: Come and Eat Food Here!

Week 105: The race for the finish! Will we be more successful than we were around 20 weeks ago?

Week 106: Welp…

Finale (Gallery) and Doodle Video:

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