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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 91-100


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Week 91: Guys, I think the Krazy Kat is turning into an actual crazy cat…

Also, the webcam gets frozen early on in this video. Don’t worry; we notice and fix it, uh, next week.

Week 92: The Player sneaks into heaven and kills the Krazy Kat’s god, causing a cacophonous apocalypse for everyone else!

Week 93: You’ll never get to heaven if you don’t know how! And the Krazy Kat learns to never bet against the house in Vegas.

Week 94: Everybody hates the Player. Except the Krazy Kat, who hates everyone (except her evil boyfriends). And is puppetry considered animation?

Week 95: Doodler rage….rising….!

Week 96: As the Mystic finds herself fighting the Doodler’s comic strip characters, the Krazy Kat comes face to face with her own religious beliefs and dark sins…

Week 97: More of the Krazy Kat’s abusive relationships. Snnnnoke! And the “greatest” cliffhanger of all!

Week 98: No matter who ends up winning the game, the Mystic has already won in her heart. Beep boop, my lady.

Week 99: The Player is still stuck in purgatory, the Doodler is being persecuted by the Robo Mystic, and the Krazy Kat hatches a seeeecret plan…

Week 100: We enter triple digits in the week count! To celebrate, the Player goes gambling, the Mystic carries around a dead Danish bird, the Krazy Kat pursues her secret plan, and the Doodler experiences an entire Entmoot!

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Chrono Trigger Page 8


Chrono Trigger: Great RPG? Or the greatest RPG?

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Part 60: More than two years later, we finally return to Chrono Trigger to explore New Game Plus and some extra stuff we didn’t cover the first time. But first, Crono and Marle have the worst first date ever.

Part 61: Featuring “The Dream Project” ending, we get to meet a bunch of programmers who seem really tired and maybe slightly homophobic?

Part 62, featuring the following endings:

  • The Successor of Guardia: Marle finds out she’s descended from the Doodler’s hand puppet Weirdo the Frog.
  • Good Night: A frog and a Nu engage in wacky hijinx.
  • The Legendary Hero: An eight-year-old has to fight the Dark Lord of evil because our party can’t be bothered…or does he?
  • The Unknown Past: Crono comes out of the closet, the king actually sends an army instead of some teenagers and an amphibian to take out the Dark Lord of Evil, and everyone forgets about Robo.
  • People of the Times: Sprite art! A whoooole lotta it!

Part 63, featuring the following endings:

  • The Oath: Crono and contemporaries decide to get stoned at Lucca’s instead of saving the world, so Frog has to go do it solo. How does his first date with Magus go?
  • Dino Age: Everyone is a dinosaur for some reason.
  • What the Prophet Seeks: Everyone gets sidetracked goofing off at the Millennial Fair, so Magus has to go take care of Lavos alone. (Side note: why are so many of these endings “Side character has to actually win the game because Crono can’t be bothered?”)

Part 64, featuring the following endings:

  • Memory Lane: Marle and Lucca rate the super hunky dudes in the game, and we find out just *why* Crono never speaks.
  • Reunion: After Crono dies, everyone just decides to finish the game without him. Only Marle actually cares that he’s dead. Based on some of these previous endings, it seems that not having Crono actually made the party *more* proactive anyway. Also, human Glenn shows up and is suuuuper cute!

Part 65, featuring the following endings:

    • The Apocalypse: Lavos kills everyone. The future refuses to change.
  • Beyond Time (Float Away): The same as the normal ending from our first playthrough, except we blew up the Time Machine “Eff!” Crono and Marle float away on balloons until either they freeze to death or the balloons pop and they fall to their doom. Romantic?

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