Super Mario World


The same story of Bowser kidnapping the princess, but this time with dinosaurs and Gangsta Luigi! Now with drinking game!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Yoshi’s Island and Controller Issues

Part 2: The conquering of the delicious Donut Plains turns out to be a comedy of impressive errors. The green blocks give you love!

Part 3: The Player reaches for the stars while the Doodler gets stuck in a cave. Is it LAK-i-tu or la-KEE-tu?

Part 4: The Player passes Tubular in one try! Surely that means the rest of the Special World will be just as easy, right? R-r-right?

Part 5: Will Mario even get back to Awesome, let alone pass it? Will Luigi overcome the deadly dangers of flying Playstation symbols? Can either pronounce German names correctly? BLAGARAG!

Part 6: We spend so much time trying to cross bridges and climb mountains that the season changes! Also, fuzzies!

Part 7: Peter Schickele jokes lead to the Forest of Il-lu-lu-looosion!

Part 8: It’s Luigi vs. Trent Reznor! And we discover Mario’s Chocolate Secret!

Part 9: Just like during Super Mario Bros. 3, Wendy O. Koopa flummoxes us again!

Part 10: After getting stuck on the same castle for forty-five minutes, our heroes finally enter the Valley of Bowser with its giant hipster moles!

Part 11: The streamheads watch us get caught in-between cheese. Also: more Lisa Thurman jokes?

Part 12: The finale sees us defeating Bowser…eventually. Also: musical end credits!

Doodle video:

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