Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (VGA) Page 2


Glorious questing was never this mystically Arabically enchanting!

This is the remake of Quest for Glory II, found at AGD Interactive.

See the doodles!

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Part 7: The sneaky Count Fivefingers burns to death and also gets killed by a dinosaur.

Part 8: Can our hero defeat the sinister eskimo Sweeping Sir James? Also, who the crap is Sweeping Sir James?

Part 9: Stealing from the blacksmith gives Count Fivefingers the confidence he needs to go kill some more eskimos. Also, the local gnome seems to have lost his mind. Brain those nachos!

Part 10 finds the Count picking fights with a drunk griffin made of metal.

Part 11: We fight an air elemental with angry eyes! Uh, eventually. More accurately, we see an air elemental and run away, then watch a cat do a striptease…again…

Part 12: After defeating the Air Elemental, we try to reach Raseir without a caravan. The journey is detailed Ken Burns-style.

Part 12a: The long version of our trek to Raseir. It’s mostly just random encounters and random banter.

Part 12b: Just the Ken Burns documentary part. My dearest Shema…

Doodle Video:

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