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Chrono Trigger: Great RPG? Or the greatest RPG?

See the doodles!

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Part 50: Our final stream begins with special guest star Potatedude aka Rockman joining us to see a robot fight his girlfriend and gay mother.

Part 51: We ignore the domestic abuse problem in the town of Choras in order to fix up a mansion so Frog can get some closure from his mentor buried under the rug.

Part 52: We finish up our massive medieval construction project and with it the last of the endgame sidequests. Time to take on the rotting pizza slice known as the Black Omen!

Part 53: Heading deeper into the Black Omen, we find goons. Hired Goons. Since most of this video is just fighting (and cool graphics), we pass the time discussing X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Donald Trump, New Game Plus, SomethingAwful, Secret of Mana, ice cream, and more! The Player is a harsh mistress.

You can mess with Texas if you want to. I’m not your dad.

Part 54: Gato’s evil clones make an appearance, and the never-ending ambiguously-gendered statue argument rages on!

Part 55: We finally reach the end of the Black Omen as Magus continues to suck, and Queen Zeal tires of us talking about Final Fantasy and tries to kill us. It’s LaVOSa, not LavoSA!

Part 56: Lady Gaga gives the party halitosis. Then we tackle the Lavos Boss Carriage Ride, which exists solely for padding. Vote Magus! He’ll make Guardia great again! He’ll build a wall and make Porre pay for it!

Part 57: The party uses Gaspar’s chamber pot to engage in The Final Battle! Followed by the Final Final Battle! And we speculate on the eternal debate: is Lavos truly evil, or simply a beast who’s just acting according to instinct?

Part 58: The Epilogue of Chrono Trigger! Or, as the Doodler would say: The EEEpilogue!

Link to blog post

Part 59: Turns out we had a *lot* more to say about Chrono Trigger (and JRPGs), so we split it off into this bonus podcast/episode.

Doodle video:

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