Mario Party 3: Creepy Cavern


It’s a Mario Party for Millenial Stars! Not Baby Boomer Stars! (I know it’s actually the Millenium Star.) Featuring guest stars The Hipster (formerly time-traveling 12-year-old Lucca) and The Pixie.


Part 1: The Creepy Cavern board starts off with a Millennial Star and his awesome ‘stache pitting a dinosaur, a second banana, a brunette princess, and a fat man against each other.

Part 2: Dorrie (not Disney’s Dory) watches as nobody can use a Skeleton Key correctly to get to the star. Also: watermelon pants!

Part 3: Badly aimed arrows cause death, and rare items cause financial insolvency.
“Ho ho ho! You don’t have enough coins, young padawan!”

Part 4: The most suspenseful Chance Time EVAH. Also, nobody can pick cherries, Yoshi gets eaten by sharks, and Baby Bowser LOVES being stuck in a box.

Part 5: We head into the last 5 turns with a whopping one star collected! Will that change?
Do the Bowser Shuffle! ERR ERR!

Part 6: Who is creepy enough to become the Super Star?

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