Quest for Glory 4 Part 2


Twilight meets H.R. Giger.

See the doodles!

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Part 12: After an extremely long hiatus, we *finally* return to finish up Quest for Glory 4! After freeing a gypsy, our lovable Count Fivefingers gets the most pixelated Tarot card reading ever!

Part 13: Count Fivefingers gets in good with the gypsies, then steals from an old man! Uh, that’s not racist.

Part 14: Count Fivefingers explores the eeeeeeeeevil monastery! He proceeds to get drunk and torch the place. Hey, we’re already playing a thief; might as well add arson to the list.

Part 15: It’s some hot swamp-jumping action as we begin to collect rituals to summon the Dark One! Also, the old man we told to wander off into the woods gets himself killed. And we shank a dude for literally no reason at all. Are we sure we’re playing as the good guy?

Part 16: The return of an old friend! An old, ugly, cranky, pun-filled friend. Which could describe a lot of people in this series, actually. It’s Baba Yaga! Baba Yaga!

Part 17: We finish the Leshy subplot and never have to deal with his hole again! Also, the gnome finally regains his sense of humor[citation needed].

Part 18: Count Fivefingers sneaks into the creepy castle only to find…an undead Minnie Mouse?!?

Part 19: Count Fivefingers faces his greatest challenge: not doing something early on in the game and having to start over! SIIIIEEEEEERRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! (The video skips the do-over. Lucky you. It doesn’t skip over the naked blue man giving out exposition, though. Go to 13:28 to skip that.)

Part 20: This game is still going on. People talk a lot. I guess Katrina is evil or something? Also, the tarot cards tell all about the feminist vampire structure.

Part 21: Chewie dies so that Webby Vanderquack can live! And an old acquaintance gives us Bad Advice.

Part 22: After some brief sexual harassment and light bondage, our hero finally learns the objective of the game. Yes, it *did* take 22 parts! Fortunately, all we need to do to get into the endgame is kidnap the spirits of dead children.

Part 23: It’s the finale! People die! Burgers are meistered! Elves are briefly resurrected! We climb down the fourth wall! The flood of exposition finally ends! And, presumably, John Rhys-Davies goes home to three more bottles of scotch to permanently erase this game from his memory.

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