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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 51-60


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Week 51: Take the towns, Darkling time! Take the towns, Darkling time! Never need a reason, never need a rhyme, take the towns, Darkling time!

Week 52: We finish off the first year of Dokapon by hunting Wabbits and hiding from the Krazy Kat Darkling in caves! Pretty representative of the year, all things considered.

Week 53: Our second year starts with some shake-ups of the status quo! The Mystic goes scuba-diving for lost technology, and the Doodler and DA_HUUUUUUUDGE try desperately to get out of dungeons. Meanwhile, Krazy Kat gets her stunning VENGEANCE thanks to a castle! WHAT’S ITS NAME?!?

Week 54: WATCH as the Doodler rains magic destruction from the heavens! THRILL as the Mystic defies death in her underwater quest! Be AMAZED as the Krazy Kat ends up with a zillion status ailments! And RECOIL in HORROR as DA_HUUUUUUUDGE shoots himself in the face!

Side note: we recorded this before we did our actual BINGO game in the summer of 2017! Now you know where it came from!

Week 55: Chimpys infect us all with Zee Plague! Now we feel like garbage. And a little jealous…

Week 56: The continuation of Final Technology: Mystic’s Quest! And the return of Mr. DORKapon!

Week 57: The end of the era of HUUUUUUUDGE! And we solve the Riddle of the Sphynx! (The answer is a sword in the face.)

Week 58: The king of Dokapon is the raddest king ever. Also, the Player gets his groove back, and the Doodler and the Mystic pit their overpreparedness against each other!

Week 59: This is mostly the Mystic punching things into submission, including the leaderboard. Plus, the Doodler becomes legit! Then immediately becomes unlegit! And the Player gets hit with an aging spell…

Week 60: More wabbits! And the king asks us to take Stallone to the Mummy’s lair! It makes sense in context…

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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 41-50


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Week 41: Only liars and thieves eat Grumblemuffins. Those people go to prison. Just ask the Mystic! Also, the Doodler is a street rat!

Week 42: Everything is a kobold! Also featured: tremendously embarrassing deaths!

Week 43: DA_HUUUUUUUDGE’s luck continues to not exist, Weber shows everyone embarrassing pictures of someone, and it’s not easy.

Week 44: The Return of VENGEANCE! But this time with more SOOOUUUULLL FIRE!

Week 45: The skeleton hunt continues! Who will defeat the Cool Dude? Riff raff? Street rat? I don’t Buy that.

Week 46: The Doodler nearly drowns himself trying to create a National Geographic special! Also, a megamix of our greatest hits!

Week 47: Seven weeks trying to defeat a skeleton. Seven. Weeks. Sev. En. Weeks. Dis guy, you know!

Week 48-49: Week 48 is super short, so we combined it with the next one. Also, we try to dip our toes into Africa, but then…Wabbits!

Week 50: These African chameleons blend in so well, they’re called basilisks and salamanders!

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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 31-40


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Week 31: The Player gets stuck behind Thwomps, the Mystic can’t seem to fix her sore foot problem, the Doodler tries to get all white knight with Princess Penny, and the Krazy Kat becomes a motivational speaker!

Week 32: The Doodler fights the hardest he ever has for a woman. Also, does the Krazy Kat live up to her name and have nine lives?
(note: I noticed that I screwed up the counter and missed one fight, so the round number is off by one.)

Week 33: VENGEANCE?!?

Week 34: Who can seal the deal with Princess Penny? Also, the Player gets a sword made of TECHNOLOGY!

Week 35: Enter the Alchemist, complete with great hat!

Week 36: We end up UNEMPLOYED…in GREENLAND?!?

Week 37: Dyslexic religion causes the Krazy Kat to turn to the powers of evil, and the Player to turn to the powers of…anime?

Week 38: Will Darklingdom stop us from defeating all the Winter Dogs and their armies of fez-wearing frightened snowmen?

Week 39: Greenland becomes a hotbed of intense battling and renaming! Also, the King freaks out. Again. And, uh…yodeling?

Week 40: The epic trek to the Spring Cave begins!

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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 21-30


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Week 21: The Krazy Kat defeats her Wabbit. Then the Krazy Kat *becomes* her Wabbit…

Week 22: The Panacea Trek of Doom begins, and the thieving Mystic pulls off the heist of the century, that sneakydoo!

Week 23: We race to restock the King’s medicine cabinet! He’s not a real doctor, but he is a real worm, he is an actual worm.

Week 24: In which we all head to SOUTH AMERICA! Also, the Krazy Kat becomes the Amazing Acrowabbit!

Week 25: Hello, muddah. Hello, faddah.
Doodler’s fighting / For Granada.
Krazy Kat is / hearing whispers
And the Mystic keeps on giving our feet blisters!

Week 26: Everyone suffers at the hands of Weber State University!

Week 27: The Doodler turns into a g-g-g-ghost! The Krazy Kat continues her reign of terror! The Mystic gets stuck behind Thwomps! And the Player gets a little…funky!

Week 28: It’s a chicken, I tell ya! A giant chicken! Also, the Krazy Kat betrays her minions and gains, like, a million levels.

Week 29: The Doodler gets lost in the forests of Panama and slowly goes insane. Meanwhile, the Player and the Mystic continue to steal things from each other, and the Krazy Kat drives a cat crazy!

Week 30: The princess has been kidnapped by Bowser! I mean Rico Jr.! Can our heroes overcome snake women to save her, or will they just drown in the Caribbean?

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