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M.U.L.E. for the Atari 800


Special guest stars The Puppeteer and The Red Flapper join us for M.U.L.E., the strategy game that combines Star Wars, Pac-Man, Settlers of Catan, and, uh, E.T., I guess.


Part 1: A Packer, a Flapper, a Bonzoid, and a Spheroid walk into a bar. And win $100 gambling!

Part 2: Do beginners learn best when three other guys are shouting incoherent instructions at the top of their lungs? Let’s find out!

Part 3: Will the purple monkey thing pull ahead of the blue derpy Pacman?

Part 4: Hump that Wampus! Uh, Hunt! Hunt!

Part 5: We find out who the winner is! (Turns out it’s nobody.)



Featuring our guests The Puppeteer and The Red Flapper. Dead moose-rats and wampi make Purple Bonzoid Apeman very angry!

Check out Randall McNair (the Puppeteer)’s website at!

Chrono Trigger Page 1


Chrono Trigger: Great RPG? Or the greatest RPG?

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Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


Part 1: It’s the 1992 USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Team…of RPG’s!

Part 2: Man, I hate it when I meet a cute girl with skinny blonde hair, only to accidentally send her through a wormhole.

Part 3: Now 400 years in the past, Crono’s gotta make Marle’s parents go to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance and punch out Biff. Or I may be thinking of something else.

Part 4: A frog named Frog joins the crew, and then we stumble across a Naga-ette bromide, causing a long discussion of exactly what the crap a “bromide” is. Other than a mutual suicide pact at a frat house.

Part 5: Well, we saved the princess and got back home, so I guess the game’s over.


Part 6: CSI: Guardia.

Looks like this time, the trigger’s been pulled…on Crono.


Part 7, in which our band of heroes encounters a dystopian hellscape of a future. Thanks, Obama!

Part 8, in which we finally get an end goal. Break it down for us, Guardian!

Part 9 introduces us to the most important robotic character in the game…THE MAN!

Oh, and some other generic robot joins the party, I guess.

Part 10: Racist blue robots can’t keep the yellow robot down, man!

Part 11: The crew reaches the End of Time, which is surprisingly steampunk. They also come out of the closet! Magic magic magic magic magic…

Doodle Video:

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King’s Quest V Doodles


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King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder


Annoying owls and hot pixel action! Which way to the bakehouse?

With special guest star The Sister!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Looks like some evil wizard doesn’t share our love of square castles!

Part 2: Cedric the owl becomes obsessed with the Bake House and its hot pixel action!

Aah! Life-giving Part 3! Nectar of the gods!

Part 4 contains this game’s ridiculous Moon Logic Puzzle. Well…one of them anyway (KQV is infamous for these, moreso than even other Sierra games). But this one involves honey!

Part 5: How many offensive stereotypes have YOU helped today? Be sure to describe it in the most ridiculously verbose way possible!

Part 6: Naked ladies! That oughta drive up our traffic! (Note: said ladies may or may not actually be hideous harpies with Lady Godiva hair and men’s voices.) Also, YONDAR’S THE CRYSTAL CAVE! THERE YOU WILL FHAND THE YETHIGVJKFSFLIEI

Part 7: In which Graham finally reaches Mordack’s island and navigates a maze filled with Space Invaders. Terrified Confusion!

Part 8: I hope you liked that maze, because it’s back for an encore! Also, we get to wait in a library for forever! Action-packed!


Part 9: The final showdown with Mordack results in a lazy deus ex machina for everyone! At least the castle is safe for square castle lovers everywhere. Also, there are like forty artists but only five programmers, which explains a lot.

Doodle Video: