King’s Quest II VGA


AGD Interactive remade King’s Quest II and revamped the entire storyline, so we played it. Now with 500% more cutscenes!

See the doodles!


Part 1: King Graham sets out to Kolyma to avoid marrying his royal vizier, I mean, find his true love.

Part 2: We go TO THE LIBRARY! We also get the plot of the game from Dan Rock and talk to a merchant with an accent even more racist than our own!

Part 3: After searching every log in the kingdom, Graham helps a pumpkin from Brooklyn and makes out with a mermaid. Hot pixel action!

Part 4: King Graham infiltrates the Sharkee kingdom and makes it to the Willamette Valley. Dink. Donk. AM I NOT MERCIFUL?!?!? Also, Batman happens.

Part 5: We find a genie lamp, but the genie has been set free. Which is too bad, because I would’ve wished for a computer that DOESN’T CRASH!

Part 6: To defeat an enchanter, King Graham tries to be a spellcaster like his son eventually will be, but soon decides “screw it” and pulls a sword on him instead. A wizard, he ain’t! Then we talk to a pegasus in a slightly less contrived way than the original game had us do.

Part 7: King Graham takes a multiple-choice test to prove our worth to a cloud, and also spoils several games down the line. Not cool, game. Then we have to pray just to make it today!

Part 8: It wouldn’t be a King’s Quest game without a random maze that kills you for no reason. Also we rob a dorf. Uh, dwarf.

Part 9: Good thing Grandma lived long enough for an exposition Powerpoint presentation before kicking it. Speaking of the dead, here’s an off-brand Dracula!

Part 10: After dreaming of the end credits pop song, Graham ups his indirect kill count by at least two. And you thought Grandma’s exposition was long-winded when she was *alive*…

Part 11: Between the bookshelf puzzle and the gravedigging, I think this completes my Sierra Bingo Card!

Part 12: After a pixel hunting nightmare, Graham finally gets the Count’s tiara for him. Now he can be pretty! Also, the most anticlimactic end to a quest ever.

Part 13: After an encounter with a sly little chap that breaks the laws of the universe, Graham plants the seeds for at least five crossover fanfics (six, if you count Indiana Jones).

Part 14: In the finale, Graham finds the love of his life, kills off polyjuiced Hermione, has a wedding ceremony attended by a lot of undead and also Batman, and proceeds to battle a series of deviantart drawings. Then he is cursed to live out at least five more King’s Quest games!

Doodle video #1 (along with King’s Quest I VGA):

Doodle video #2:

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